Saturday, February 14, 2009

Your Lawyer's Thoughts on Settlement Loans

Settlement loans are an excellent asset to plaintiffs in a current pending lawsuit. They allow the plaintiff to acquire financial funds to pay for day to day expenses, medical bills, litigation fees and whatever else they might require the funds for. Someone people are hesitant on applying for settlement loans due to how it can affect their case and what their lawyer might think. There are a few things the plaintiff should know regarding a settlement loan when it comes to their case and their lawyer's thoughts on it.

A Settlement Loan Does Not Affect Your Case

Unlike what many people would think a settlement loan will not affect your pending lawsuit. The defendant is not required to be notified of your intentions to acquire a settlement loan nor are there any laws requiring you to do so. Even if the defendant did find out about a settlement loan it would have no bearings in the pending lawsuit. So relax, getting a settlement loan will not affect the outcome of your lawsuit.

Lawyer's Favor Their Clients Getting Settlement Loans

Lawyers usually favor their client's idea of getting a loan; one reason being the example given in the above paragraph. They also allow the client to not settle the case early; this is common due to the financial hardships that can follow during a pending lawsuit. This helps the lawyer keep the client financially afloat and fight for the maximum amount of money that can be awarded. Let's face it, the more money you get awarded the more money your lawyer gets.

You can simply see with the above information a 2 things; one is a settlement loan will not affect your lawsuit in any way, shape or form. Two is that your lawyer will not be against the idea of you obtaining a settlement loan. Don't let financial issues require you to settle early!

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