Sunday, April 22, 2007

Settlement Loans

The settlement of loans is a relatively new concept of financing that is surely and steadily taking roots in the business world. The benefits of loan settlements accrue to both the individuals and the business owners.

Consider a situation where a person is involved in a personal injury case, like an automobile accident of any type. He or she may be on the receiving end of an unlawful termination of employment. Alternatively, there may be situations where people may be facing discrimination or harassment at the work place. What usually happens before the loan settlement financing comes into existence is that the people usually accepted lesser settlement amounts due to financial difficulties.

But with the passage of time, the lawsuit financing companies have now entered into the picture and changed the situation dramatically. The companies provide funding for personal injury lawsuits after analyzing the cases they take. In most cases, these companies usually require a non-recourse statutory lien. Most of them don’t even ask for credit checks, monthly payments, or promissory notes. The funding provided is not loans in the usual sense of the word because the money does not have to be paid back unless the case is won. The amount, which goes to the funding company, is negotiated well in advance.

For loan funding, rates vary depending upon the risk involved. Also, individuals have the option of choosing between a flat fee and a recurring fee. In case of a flat fee, the individual and the funding company agree beforehand, the amount will be repaid from the verdict. Recurring fee, as the name itself suggests is an agreed upon monthly amount paid to the funding company. It is based on the amount of funds advanced to an individual to fight the lawsuit.

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