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Structured Settlement Payments Explained

Before the 1980's when structured settlements became common, people who were rewarded a settlement would typically get a lump sum amount... meaning they would have all their money at once.

Example: If you were injured at work and received a $100,000.00 settlement, you would get the whole amount up front.

It didn't take long before the "system" (meaning courts, involved companies and people) realized a big problem with this... settlement recipients would spend all their money very quickly and still be in need for more!

A structured settlement is simply a break down of your settlement amount into periodic payments.

Example: If after an accident you are awarded a $100,000.00 settlement, you might receive $10,000.00 per year for 10 years.

That's basically what a structured settlement is.

Of course, depending on your settlement you might be guaranteed payments for months, years or your whole life!

Do Structured Settlements Apply To Anyone And Everyone?

Structured settlements were really just created for injury cases - both at work, on the road, or at home.

Let's not forget the most *important* benefit: The money you receive each month from your structured settlement is absolutely tax free!

You see, the government wants to encourage their use because it saves our country money in the long run. (Otherwise more people would need public aid because they spent all their settlement money!)

The amount of the payments and pay periods are completely negotiable for both parties (usually the victim and insurance company) to decide.

Keep in mind: This negotiation phase is the perfect time to be smart and think ahead of how you should best structure the payments... make sure you have expert lawyers and financial planners to help you.

What is Life Insurance Settlement?

A financial transaction wherein there is a sale of an unneeded or an unwanted policy by its owner to a third party at a price higher than the cash surrender value. Once the life settlement procedure is made it is the duty of the new owner for the payment of subsequent insurance premium and it would be the purchaser of the life insurance policy who would receive all the benefits of the insurance policy on its maturity. Life insurance settlements have contributed to a significant development for the owners of the life insurance policy because the policy owners can have a price which is higher than the cash surrender value or the amount of money which is offered by the insurance company to the policy owners at the time when they would like to sell the unwanted policy.

In the market scenario, life settlement act as an effective option of investment for the people above 65 years of age possessing policies of high net worth. Research studies have reported that 20% of the policies settled under the life settlement process are provided a market price which is higher than the cash value of the insurance policies.

From the above explanation an overview of what is life insurance settlement can be understood and now the rest of the article is going to explain some of the terms which are important to be understood in understanding the life insurance settlement.

Life Insurance or Cash Surrender Value: Cash surrender value is the amount the insurance company would be willing to pay to the owner of an insurance policy incase the owner of the policy has decided that he does not require the particular insurance policy anymore. In such a case the owner of the policy would get a cash surrender value which is much lower than the face value of the policy and even lower than the options like life insurance settlement.

Viatical Settlements: This is another option which is available to the owners of the insurance policy owners like the life insurance settlement. A viatical settlement is a process wherein the owner of the policy can sell his life insurance policy before its maturity. Viatical settlements are particularly meant for the insurance policy holders who possess a catastrophic or a life threatening disease or illness. Thus when the insurance policy is sold to the company, they would become the beneficiary of the policy on its maturity.

Senior life settlement: Senior settlement is a process wherein the senior citizens can sell their unwanted life insurance policies to the companies before the maturity of their insurance policies. The insurance policies are sold at a higher price than in the other case if it is sold to the insurance company.

Thus Life settlement insurance companies have contributed to the creation of a secondary market for the owners of the policies who cannot wait for the maturity of the policy and it also forbids the owners of the policy to acquire a price higher than the cash surrender value.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Using Clay Centering Device To Make Pottery Creating Easily

We are living in an advanced world, and we are facing heavy competition in the meantime. How to live in this world? I mean what you can live on? After you graduated from school, you have to live on your own. In such a competitive society, you must have some skills to live a good life. If you don't have any skills, don't worry, I will show you one.

Have you ever considered to be a potter? Yeah, this is quite a good career. Now the first thing you should learn is learn how to make pottery. It is very difficult to do that if you don't some good devices. But since you are here, I will show what device you should to make good use of. Needless to say, the most difficult part of making pottery is clay centering, so of course you need a clay centering device to make the process be easier.This device is provided by the company named AMACO/Brent, You can get one from them.

With clay centering device, centering clay on the wheel becomes one of the easiest things when making pottery. It can help you to do a lot of your work, so you can save a lot of time.

We are living in a high technologies society, so you should learn to use these technologies to help your work. With clay centering device, you don't need to worry about learning how to center clay anymore. Your goal to be a marvelous potter will come true quite soon.

What are you still waiting for? If you do need a good job, you should begin to learn this skill as soon as possible.

Loan Amortization Calculator

Amortization of a loan is the division of the amount owing, plus the amount of interest due on the entire loan, into equal sums for the purpose of repayment. When you repay a loan with amortization, you will be paying back some of the interest and some of the principal with each payment. This is different from a balloon loan where you will only pay back the interest to start with and the principal will be repaid at the end of the loan. If you have taken out an amortizing loan which will be repaid with interest, a loan amortization calculator is necessary to work out what your repayments will be over the course of the loan period.

There is an equation which will be used to calculate the amount of your monthly (for example) repayments. This is quite a complex equation and not one which you will want to be spending much time sitting down with and trying to understand. This is why it is so much easier to use a loan amortization calculator.

With a loan amortization calculator, all you will need to do is input some simple figures relating to the amount of the loan, the length of the repayment period, the frequency of payments and the interest that is being charged. The calculator will then do the rest and give you a reliable indication of your repayments. If your loan will be constructed using a combination of balloon, or bullet, payments and amortization payments, this must also taken into account in the calculation.

Some loan amortization calculators are only suitable for a straightforward amortization loan and make no allowances for the use of balloon and amortization repayments being used within the same repayment plan. Some, however, will request balloon information at the outset and will bring this into the equation. If you make enquiries via a search engine and check out some the websites which offer calculators you will probably be able to find some which will give very clear results regarding the repayments that you will have to make to clear the loan. With an amortization loan these repayments will all be an equal sum. They will, however, be made up of a different percentage of principal and interest with each payment. This is where the equation becomes complicated and the calculator becomes a vital tool. At the beginning of the repayment period, a high proportion of your repayment will be going towards the interest. This is because you are paying interest on a higher sum. As the loan progresses, this percentage will become lower and lower and the amount of the percentage of principal which you are repaying will increase.

Figures such as these can be clearly shown on a loan amortization calculator and some will even give a diagrammatic graph which will make things even more clear for you. A calculator such as this is an invaluable tool when considering a loan as it will save you a lot of time and energy when it comes to evaluating the repayments and proportions of interest and principal.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Tax Implications of Life Settlement Funding

One of the most common questions asked about Life Settlements is "What are the tax implications?"

Typically, any amount the policy owner receives for a policy in excess of the cash surrender value is treated as a capital gain.

This graph illustrates how the proceeds from a sale would be taxed on a policy with a total value of $1 million, a cash surrender value of $90,000, and cumulative premiums of $70,000. When considering this or any other financial planning option, clients are advised to consult their tax advisor.

Tax illustration

10 Year Old, $1 Million Face-Valued Policy

$300,000 Settlement Price

$210,000 Taxes as Capital Gain (difference between Settlement Price and Cash Surrender Value)

$90,000 Cash Surrender Value (basis and earnings)

$20,000 Taxed as Ordinary Income (difference between Cash Surrender Value and Tax Bais)

$70,000 Tax Basis (premium paid)

Most life settlements are considered taxable.

Tax Free Portion (cost basis) - The proceeds of the settlement up to the cost basis (the premiums that one has paid into the policy).

Tax As Ordinary Income (CSV) - The amount of the settlement that is between cost basis and the policy cash surrender value. The policy's cash surrender value is the amount the client would receive if they were to surrender their policy back to the insurance carrier from which it was purchased.

Capital Gains - For the portion of the settlement that is over and beyond the policy's cash surrender value.

ILSA was formed to meet the changing demands of trusted advisors and their clientele, who are increasingly taking advantage of the booming secondary market for life insurance. The market is burgeoning as clients become aware of the $108 billion* of existing policies that have unrealized potential in excess of their cash surrender values. ILSA maximizes these gains for our clients, who are quickly becoming more sophisticated and knowledgeable of these opportunities. Our website is For any questions you might have please feel free to contact Institutional Life Settlement Advisors at 877-438-4572.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Using Law To Protect Your Legal Rights

Sometimes you may encounter illegal treatment when you are working, maybe your employer don't give what you should get from your work. When you are in such condition, you should use law to protect your legal rights. But you don't much about law? Never mind. M. KARGBO LAW FIRM, L.L.C. can provides you help.

What is M. KARGBO LAW FIRM, L.L.C.? It is a law firm which provides you law help. The M. Kargbo Law Firm, L.L.C. is concerned about your rights in Criminal, Employment and Civil Rights matters.

This firm is providing you with the legal expertise and representation you deserve comes with an unsurpassed depth and understanding of your legal problem. At this Firm, they understand that your current case may change the course of your life -- they represent you with that central underpinning in mind. When your employer unlawfully terminates you from your employment, this is not only a legal matter, but it is a problem that affects your ability to pay your bills, and to care for your children.

Now you know what you need to do when you encounter law matters.

How to Cash Out a Structured Settlement

Structured settlements can be a complicated topic and there are lots of "fakers" out there giving garbage advice...

I really believe it pays to do your research, especially if you're looking to cash out on your structured settlement

Let's Start By Making Sure We're Starting On The Same Page

If you have a structured settlement or annuity that means you're receiving periodic (usually monthly) payments until you reach the total amount of your settlement.


Let's say John has an accident at work and is awarded $100,000.00. He might receive this as a structured settlement, comprised of payments that amount to $10k/year.

The structured settlement was introduced in the 1970's mainly because it's much easier and more manageable for insurance companies to pay out periodically instead of all at once.

How To Get A Lump Sum Payment Instead Of Monthly

The only way to get a lump sum from your structured settlement is by selling it.

There are lots of reasons people will sell their structured settlements; the most common is that they need the cash immediately.

Think about it: out of pocket medical expenses might be high after an accident, or you might want to purchase a home but can't get a loan... too many people find out the hard way that you can't borrow money against your structured settlement payments.

Where You Should Go To Cash Out Your Structured Settlement

Many folks will run straight to the "large companies" they hear advertising on TV or radio ads.

Bigger companies might have a "solid branding" and experience behind them but there are also downsides: they usually charge higher fees and they won't give you as much cash as other companies!

Keep in mind: I am not saying you should steer clear of the big companies... I just want to make you aware of your options so you can "shop around" (that's the fun part!) and make the best choice for yourself and your family.

Here are some other options:

* Find a direct buyer. There are lots of people who will buy out your annuities as investments.
Advantage: You can often get a better deal because you're dealing with a private buyer.
Disadvantage: There's lots of paperwork and legalities can be a hassle. (Make sure you have a good lawyer who specializes in settlements!)
* Sell only part of your structured settlement. You can get pretty creative with how you structure your annuity.
Example: You might decide, instead of selling the whole structured settlement, that you would rather receive higher amounts each month.
* Exchange your structured settlement with someone else's. If selling doesn't work or make sense for you, you can find a company or private party that will exchange theirs with yours.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why You Need Trusted Internet?

Needless to say, it is an internet era now, we are living in a world that everything can be finished through internet, so you must be using internet every day, but have you realized that it is very important to keep your browsing safe? If not, we will talk more.

You know, since internet is an open world, so there are all kinds of things there, good thing and bad thing, so you should know how to tell which one is good and which one is bad, it was difficult to do this, but now, we can do it easily with the help of Comodo Manifesto, which tells you what is Trusted Internet and what is not. With a Trusted Internet, we will be able to do things we can't even try to do today. With a Trusted Internet, our PCs will automatically be able to find products or information we want from reputable, authenticated merchants and "subject matter experts". Our computers will be able to vigorously and proactively defend our identities ensuring, in real time, that our information is safe and has not been compromised. But most fundamentally it means that we will all able to connect with each other with full confidence that we can create trust online when and where we need it.So now it very safe and convenient for us to do everything on internet.

If you want to know more about Trusted Internet, you can visit Melih Abdulhayoglu's blog for latest information. Now I hope you enjoy what Comodo provides you and your life will be easier!

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How Can A Pre-Settlement Loan Help My Case?

A pre-settlement loan can help you to win your case. Its that simple. These loans are designed to provide you with the funds to win your case, assuming that your case has the merit to do so. Most commonly, they are used to help those that have been victims of personal injury to get the funds that they need to pay their doctor’s bills, to pay them restitution and simply to have the satisfaction of knowing that those at fault have been penalized. Most importantly, a pre-settlement loan can help you to fund your lawsuit from the beginning to the end, so that you don’t have to drop out when you no longer have the funds to fight your battle.

Pre-Settlement: The Benefits It Provides

The benefits you can get from pre-settlement loans are easy to see. You can have access to the funds that you need to fund your case. But, what else can it do? There are a number of things. Consider these benefits to using these types of loans.

· If you have medical bills or need help making payments for your everyday living expenses, a pre-settlement loan can help you to make these payments so that you don’t lose your home. It can help to keep your life on track while you can’t.

· You can secure the help of an attorney that is experienced in your type of case so that you have a better chance are winning your case and getting your settlement.

· You will be able to see your case through. Many people that file legitimate lawsuits end up falling short of actually completing the suit because they run out of money to fund it. You don’t have to worry about this risk.

· You don’t have to pay the funds back if you lose. If you invest your own money in the lawsuit, there is no way for you to pull those funds back even if you do win your case. But, if you use a pre-settlement loan, you don’t have to pay the funds back if you lose the case. That’s security in and of itself.

· You can get the justice that you and your family deserve without having to risk all that your family owns on the process. You can simply borrow the funds to make these necessary investments and walk away knowing that you got the very best settlement that you could.

There are many different lenders that are now offing lawsuit loans or pre-settlement funding. They each offer you a variety of options in how much you can borrow and what it takes to secure this loan. While it isn’t for everyone, especially those that are filing less than ideal cases, for those that have a legitimate case and know that they will get a settlement, it can be the most important thing that you do. Find out if you qualify for this type of funding and get your lawsuit underway knowing that you have the resources to make it happen.