Friday, December 14, 2007

We Need Credit Cards

Have you noticed that we are living in a credit card world? There are all kinds of credit cards in our daily lives. Sometime we are bored by them, but if you know how to use them efficiently, you will like them. Now I have two credit cards in my hand, I applied for them two years ago. You know I don't like to pay things by money, I'd like to pay them using my credit card. Because it is very convenient to use.

I want to apply for a Visa card from, but I don't meet their requirement so I haven't have one. But I have visa card released by other bank. My friend Lee told me Bank of America is a good choice too, he suggest me to try it. I think I will. Because I like to use different kinds of credit cards. He also said there is a site providing information about credit cards. It specializes on informing consumers about credit card offers, how to use credit wisely, and occassionally posts humorous insights into the wacky world of credit.

Oh, I have known it for many months. Yeah, it's pretty good.

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